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OUR MISSION: To promote conservation, health & wellness and social equity for the Fox Valley Park District community.


The Fox Valley Park Foundation was established in 1981 as a not-for-profit corporation to help benefit Fox Valley Park District residents. The Park Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation Board is comprised of Park District Trustees and members from the community at large.

Our grants enhance and help fund programs serving over 7,000 individuals. The Fox Valley Park Foundation’s These funds were sourced through the Foundations’ annual Golf for Kids fundraiser to help support recreational opportunities for the under-served youth in our communities.

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2018: Foundation Awards $50,000 in Grants to Recreation

The Fox Valley Park Foundation has awarded $50,000 to nine recipients for 2018. These funds were sourced through the Foundations’ annual Golf for Kids fundraiser to help support recreational opportunities for the under-served youth in our communities. Here’s how they break down:

Summer Stage Costume Grant – $2,300
The annual Summer Stage production is for performers ages 6 and up to showcase their talents in a Broadway-like production. This grant subsidizes registration costs by removing the $35 costume fee, opening the door for more aspiring actors, actresses and singers to chase their acting dreams.

Heroes in Health Grant – $4,400
The Heroes in Health program provides veterans a way of transitioning back into their community and engaging with other former service members through fitness, training and physical therapy. This grant would increase participant levels from 15 veterans to 25 total.

Jesse “The Law” Torres Boxing Club Program Grant – $5,000
After-school program welcomes kids 8 and up while providing a safe environment and positive experience. Available four nights a week, with over 700 participants.

Sports Saturday Program Grant – $5,000
Sports Saturday is a free, eight-week program that gives children (grades 1-5) an outlet for active play during wintertime. The program is held concurrently at six elementary schools, and divided into morning/afternoon sessions based on age. Approximately 600 children participate each year.

Outdoor Adventure Club Grant – $5,000
This Red Oak Nature Center program helps 4th-graders in District 129 and 131 gain an appreciation of the natural world. Many students come from backgrounds where opportunities and outdoor play are limited. The OAC opens the door to new experiences while growing the students’ interest in outdoor pursuits.

Mighty Acorns Program Grant – $5,000
Mighty Acorns is an environmental education program that connects students to multiple, meaningful and sustained interactions with their local ecosystems. The program is designed for 3rd-5th grade students and can be modified for other grade levels.

Gone and Moved On! Program Grant – $5,000
To help schools meet requirements for the new Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Red Oak developed this educational program that is free to all schools and students within the District.

Summer Playgrounds Camp Grant – $5,800
Summer Playgrounds is a camp program that runs daily for six weeks in the summer at four different parks. Involving 150 kids each week, it is a diverse haven for children ages 6 to 11 that offers a setting for group play and camaraderie, social interaction and lifelong memories.

A-Factor Dance Studio “Dance the World” Disney Grant – $6,700
Our performance dance program will have the opportunity to participate in this unique event at Disney World. The grant will help defray costs of travel and make this trip more financially possible for all of our participants.

2nd Grade Learn to Swim Program Grant – $5,800
Drowning is 2nd leading cause of accidental death for children. Research shows if a child doesn’t learn to swim by third grade, chances are he/she never will. This program servers 30 new participants from a different school each month = 12 schools/360 participants annually.

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